1. What is an agricultural producer?

An agricultural producer is the holder of an agricultural holding or a member of a family agricultural holding or a person who is permanently or temporarily employed in the agricultural holding and who is engaged in agricultural activity.


  1. What is an agricultural holding?

Agricultural holding is an economic unit under single management (from one or more persons, regardless of ownership, legal form, size or location) to whose agricultural property (which owns and / or disposes) is an agricultural activity and for which records are kept in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. The agricultural holding covers one or more production units. An agricultural holding may be legally organized as a trade company or other legal entity established by law or a family agricultural holding.


  1. Who can perform an agricultural activity?

– a natural person whose work does not exceed the agricultural activity on a smaller scale and is registered in the register of individual farmers

– a natural person as a sole proprietor, and a legal entity: a trade company as a joint stock company and a limited liability company, which are registered in the trade register.

– an agricultural cooperative that is registered in an appropriate register.


  1. What is meant by a young farmer?

A young farmer is the holder of an agricultural holding aged 18 to 40 years.


  1. What is an agricultural cooperative?

Agricultural Cooperative is an organizational form of voluntary association of agricultural holdings for the purpose of achieving their economic, social, cultural and other interests and needs in carrying out the agricultural activity.


  1. How many members can establish an agricultural cooperative?

The agricultural cooperative may establish at least 10 agricultural holdings registered in the Single Farm Register.

– Small-scale agricultural cooperative – a cooperative with at least 10, and a maximum of 19 members.

– A large-scale agricultural cooperative – a cooperative with at least 20 members.

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