A cooperative is the best and most important model of organizing

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On September 19 and 20, 2018 in Cesinovo, Radovish, Rosoman, Chashka and Stajkovci, informative sessions were held with the farmers presenting the advantages of joining agricultural cooperatives, as well as the possibilities for supporting the agricultural cooperatives.

At the informative meetings, the experiences from the co-operatives in front of the farmers were shared by Ms. Nada Markovic from the Association of Women “Maja” from Kravica, Bratunac Municipality, R. Bosnia and Herzegovina: “We established the co-operative in 2013 at the initiative of women who believed that joining would bring us economic prosperity. This contributed to our women expanding their small businesses and thus the need for greater ranking came in and the inevitable foundation of the cooperative was inevitable. Co-operation is the most important and the best model of organizing through which various benefits are utilized. Today, our cooperative is engaged in cultivation of own raspberries, purchase, freezing and sale of raspberries and blackberries, catering services as well as education services – application of good practices and dissemination of cooperatives as social entrepreneurship. Demand is increasing, and experience shows that it is very good to be a member of a cooperative because in this system, when there are many unemployed, the cooperative allows you to be your own owner. ”

The participants were informed about the announced calls for registration of the existing cooperatives, as well as all other groups of agricultural holdings that have interest for establishing agricultural cooperatives:

“With the project” Support for development of agricultural cooperatives “we offer the possibility for technical and financial support for agricultural cooperatives. In that direction, two calls have been announced with deadlines for applying in October, which can be applied to all groups of agricultural holdings with an interest in forming a new agricultural cooperative, as well as all existing agricultural cooperatives. The technical support is in two phases and includes information and consulting services for developing a business plan, and by meeting the criteria given in the calls, the co-operatives will have the opportunity to apply for financial support for the implementation of their business plan. In this way, the project will contribute to strengthening the capacities of the cooperatives, which will lead to an improved and competitive agricultural sector. ” Lazar Nedanoski.

Informative meetings are part of the “info-car session” and so far such sessions were held in Kavadarci (village Tsarev Dvor), Resen, Ohrid (village Dolno Lakocherej), Tetovo, Gostivar, Bitola and Prilep.

Published calls are available at: https://zadrugi.mk/info_mk/mozhnosti-za-poddrshka/.

Photographs from the session held on 19.09.2018, in Cheshinovo, in the Municipal Hall.

Photographs from the session held on 19.09.2018, in Radovish, in the Culture Center “Aco Karamanov”.

Photographs from the session held on 19.09.2018, in Rosoman, in the Municipal Hall.

Photographs from the session held on 20.09.2018, in Caska at the “Todor Janev” Primary school.

Photographs from the session held on 20.09.2018, in Stajkovci at the “Cyril and Methodius” Primary school.

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