Open call for design and implementation of the final project promotion

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TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE FINAL PROJECT PROMOTION Within the project: “Support to Development of Agricultural Cooperatives”


CARE International is a federation of international non-government organizations implementing its programs for fighting poverty and social injustice in more than 90 countries throughout the world. CARE has been active in the Balkans region since 1993. Over the years, CARE’s program has expanded and developed to meet the changing needs of the region’s vulnerable population. Its aim in the Balkans today is to ensure social, economic and political rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups are recognized and fulfilled, contributing to sustainable peace in the region. CARE’s work in the Balkans revolves around the two programme strategies: social and economic inclusion and gender equality.

„Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation“ (MEDF) is a NGO with a vision of decreased poverty, increased employment and established social cohesion. Its mission is to support the development of SMEs and it has 20 years of experience in promoting entrepreneurship, supporting businesses, in project management, capacity building, developing partnerships and providing financial services to SMEs (micro and small loans). Since 1998, through its financial intermediaries, MEDF has distributed 50.7 million EUR to 14,525 clients, most of whom were local farmers.

CARE and MEDF are currently implementing the project Support to Development of Agricultural Cooperatives, funded by the European Union and implemented throughout North Macedonia. The project aims at contributing to higher productivity and competitiveness of agriculture sector. Namely, to improve the current situation in the segment of agricultural production of individual farmers, the project works on increasing market competitiveness and cooperation among farmers in the Country, through creating favourable conditions for the development of the existing and creation of new agricultural cooperatives. Project expected results are:

  • Op 1: Legal framework regulating agricultural cooperatives is revised, through a joint work of the project team and associates, MAFWE and a cooperatives’ umbrella organization.
  • Op 2: Capacity of a selected umbrella organization of agricultural cooperatives strengthened.
  • Op 3.1: Increased awareness on benefits of cooperatives, among farmers, businesses and general public.
  • Op 3.2: Data base created with information on existing agricultural cooperatives willing to expand and farmers’ groups willing to establish new cooperatives and receive support for development.
  • Op 4: Technical and financial support provided for the development of 8 existing and creation of 12 new cooperatives

The project Support to Development of Agricultural Cooperatives is in its final stage with numerous significant results achieved. Some of them include:

  • Financial and technical support for 19 agricultural cooperatives (list of grantees with names and locations is presented as annex 2 of this ToR).
  • Support for empowerment of the Umbrella organization of the agricultural cooperatives of North Macedonia, building it as a sustainable body with superior capacity for representing the interests of its members.
  • Development of one and amendment of four national laws to ease establishment and functioning of agricultural cooperatives.
  • Development of multipurpose Monitoring Software for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE), to monitor performances of agricultural cooperatives.
  • Development of the Strategy for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives for MAFWE.

Purpose of the consultancy

CARE International is looking to engage an external expert/organisation/company to design and produce project promotional materials to publicise the final project results.

Consultancy tasks and outputs:

  1. Preparation of minimum 5 press releases around the main project information and results, suitable for distribution to media,  publication via social media and websites.
  2. Design of the project brochure (with the text compiled in communication with the CARE Project Manager) with a short depiction of each of the 19 granted agricultural cooperatives, also main success points from the cooperation with the Ministry and the Umbrella organization and lessons learned from the project achieved results.          
  3. Design and printing of the project flyers in Macedonian and English, summarizing project achievements (the text and design will be approved by the CARE Project Manager).
  4. Project promotional video with testimonials from beneficiaries and stakeholders, lasting 3-4 minutes, with presentation of the selected project results. The video should be in local languages, with the subtitling in English (translation should be provided by the consultants, subject to CARE’s approval), suitable for broadcasting at events, TV, YouTube, Facebook and websites of CARE Balkans and the project partner organisation MEDF.
    1. Video production should consist of the following: Determining specific goals of the short video and proposing a detailed scenario, agreeing on the final script with CARE Project Manager (the text for the video is one of the consultancy deliverables). Creating the preliminary video. Presentation to CARE Project Manager and adjusting the final version in agreement with CARE. Translation and subtitling in English. Delivery in full HD resolution video in a form agreed with CARE Project Manager.      
    1. The video will convey information around project results, however it will insist on keeping attention of the viewers through a dynamic content. The video should contain original background music, or the background music waved of any copyrights that would demand licensing. The consultants will ensure highest quality of video and audio recording, suitable for presentation at the final project event. The video should strictly follow CARE and Donor visibility standards. The consultants will ensure highest quality of language in the video, as well as highest quality of translations and subtitling in English.
  5. Design and printing of 150 copies of tote bags used for the final project event.
  6. Construction for 1 fence banner Frontlit PVC tarpaulin, that will be used for the final project event.

All designs will be the subject of control and approval by CARE Project Manager prior to actual production of promo materials.

The orientation quantity and specifications of promotional materials developed within the consultancy, are provided in the Appendix 1 to this ToR. The final agreement on the materials and number of copies to be produced will be made with CARE Project Manager.

All promotional products need to encompass mentioning of the Project and the usage of its visual identity elements. The materials will be developed in line with CARE and EU visibility guidelines and containing visual identity elements of CARE and MEDF.

CARE’s Outputs

  • Provide all necessary information and documentation on the projects to the Vendor;
  • Provide to the Vendor the CARE and EU visibility guidelines;
  • Agree on the work plan with the Vendor;
  • Coordinate with the vendor throughout the consultancy period.


The Consultant/Organization will be engaged in the period July 28 – September 10, 2021.


The detailed payment schedule will be outlined in the Consultancy Contract. The final payments will be made upon the work completion and the approval by the Project Manager.

Required qualification of the Individual Consultant/Company:

  • Relevant university degree in design, video production, marketing or similar (for individuals).
  • Minimum 9 years of experience in designing of promotional materials in the country.
  • Extensive proven experience in multimedia, marketing and print design.
  • Excellence and proven previous experience in quality visual design.
  • Excellent storytelling and writing skills in Macedonian language.
  • Passionate and inventive creator/s of innovative promotional materials.

The Consultant’s bid/application should consist of the following:

  • CVs of the key campaign consultants (preferably in EU Format) with the detailed information concerning experience in designing promotional campaigns.
  • Bid – financial offer: the Consultant shall suggest costs for entire consultancy (including printing costs) in MKD based on the depicted task. The project is funded through European Union and registered in SEA and PRO thus released from paying VAT. All costs proposed shall be without VAT. The Consultant should make a breakdown of costs, including different activities and types of costs (per brochure, flyer, per video etc.).
  • List of references on previous similar consultancies.

There is no standard format for the bid.

Interested candidates are invited to send the applications in English to the e-mail:

Deadline for applications is July 26, 2021.

Only the selected applicants will be contacted.

For any additional information concerning the application, please contact:

Dragan Peric, CARE Project Manager

Annex 1 – Preliminary list of the promotional products

Annex 2 – List of grantees with names and locations

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