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On July 3, 2021 in “Chateau Sopot” Veles, CARE gathered over 40 farmers, representatives of agricultural cooperatives and associations, Delegation of European Union (as the main project donor), Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, international and local organizations, to present the project achievements and investments in agricultural cooperatives throughout North Macedonia.

Over one MILLION Euros invested through CARE and Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation in agricultural cooperatives!

At the event, the farmers and agricultural associations presented their achievements and plans for dealing with the effects of the pandemic, including the formation of producer groups that will organize joint marketing of their products at the domestic and foreign markets.

Cooperative is an appropriate model for sustainable development of agriculture. It creates opportunities for better earnings among farmers, opening prospects for them to find stable employment. The growth of this business model, which enables farmers to join resources towards greater efficiency, directly contributes to economic revitalization of agriculture. CARE’s project directly invested in 19 agricultural cooperatives across the country in a total value of 1,114,511 Euros, out of which around 850,000 provided by the European Union. In addition, the project contributed to an improved legal framework that facilitates the establishment and effective functioning of agricultural cooperatives in North Macedonia.

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